Probing the microbiome (Links to an external site)

Probing the microbiome
Lori Holtz’s research is mentioned in this article about Washington University’s role in advancing our understanding about how microbial communities impact human health thereby shaping a new area of study and revolutionizing our understanding of normal human physiology, metabolism, immunity, growth and neurodevelopment, as well as the roots of many diseases.

Viruses flourish in guts of healthy babies (Links to an external site)

Viruses flourish in guts of healthy babies
“We are just beginning to understand the interplay between all the different types of life within our gut,” said senior author Lori R. Holtz, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics. “They are not stand-alone communities. We also are seeing that the environment of the infant gut is extremely dynamic, which differs from the relative stability that has been shown in adults.”